This Is What Investing Should Be About

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“Visitors will enter here,” he says, treading over rubble-strewn debris. “We’re keeping it very traditional-Caribbean style; brick built, open to the outside, no air-conditioning.”

Capponi, who made his name in the early 90s on SoBe with a string of nightclubs, is in his element. Famous for promoting venues such as Warsaw, Amnesia, B.E.D. and LIV, he knows ‘the secret sauce,’ as he calls it – ambience, energy, big name people – required to create a new ‘in’ scene.

Only this isn’t SoBe, and Capponi isn’t standing in any old derelict building. This is a derelict building in one of the most derelict countries in the world: Haiti. What was he thinking!

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The last time I heard something about Haiti gave me a pretty bleak outlook for the country. Michael Capponi is brave for taking on this challenge, he must really like to take on the toughest things he can find. If the people there are willing and able, and I’m sure they are, it shouldn’t be as hard as you would think. With enough money and working hands you can move mountains, after all. More people with resources need to think like that, instead of acting meek with their resources and making safe bets on securities and financial tricks.

This is real investment that benefits real people, and Capponi is a good man for taking on the challenge. I can only imagine the face that his financial advisor must have made when Capponi told him he wanted to invest in the Haiti tourism industry. To be a fly on the wall for that meeting!

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