Sale Of Sunset Island Spec Home By Capponi Group Luxury Breaks Records

In response to the article written at Businesswire:

After successfully setting records in event promotion, Michael Capponi, one of the most fruitful and respected hospitality entrepreneurs in Miami is now configured to scale the heights in the real estate industry. He mainly focuses on design and development of high-end luxury family homes and his new record of $4.3 million sale of a Sunset Island home. Amazingly, this was the highest price ever recorded for an existing non-waterfront property.

As long as a project is unique, meets the customers’ expectations and with a notable degree level, then its chances of selling are high. The renovated residential apartment located on Miami Beach contains seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a formal dining room and ample loft-like living room. With features such as an entertainment complex with a large movie theater, billiard room and a gym, this place is a breathtaking and magnificent environment to relax and whine your moments away.

michael capponi

You may wonder how easy Michael Capponi rose to fame, but his creative talent and celebrity contacts catapulted him to a million dollar real estate Empire. Miami is a definite home and a vacation spot with its incredibly high appeal that makes it a perfect destination for thousands of fun loving individuals.

The emergence of Miami as an international travel and tour destination has come a long way with efforts from experts such as Capponi whose creativity was the primary driving power. He has various nightlife ventures in different days of the week, each serving special treats. The Capponi Group Luxury Properties, a facet of Capponi firm specializes in the design of the unique high-end family residence and professionally done homes at the most reliable costs. The Sotheby’s International Reality is usually in charge of all the firms’ property.

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